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GlobalRise strives to optimize nutrition for children, often orphaned and vulnerable, during the first 1,000 days of life. Many are stunted, or chronically malnourished, meaning they are short for their age, are prone to more infections and illness, have trouble learning due to cognitive challenges and may experience premature death.

Malnutrition is prevalent where we currently operate and steep terrain makes government services inaccessible, like roads, electricity and running water. Entire communities cannot feed families a balanced meal every day and are locked out of local economic systems. They simply aren’t working.

With field partners and a technology framework, GlobalRise positions its resources to link and recalibrate local systems, improving nutrition, soil fertility, access to healthcare and income for extremely poor families. We call this systems-of-systems approach a Digital Food System. Co-designed with local leaders, this self-help platform will generate a positive catalytic effect on entire communities and may also expand the reach of philanthropic and government resources into areas where the poorest live.

Today, our platform is being developed to reach one million Bakonzo and other tribes living in the Rwenzori Mountains of western Uganda. With a high stunting rate of 1 out of every 2 children, this region needs help urgently. Our plans are to build similar programs in India and Guatemala where stunting is stubbornly high. These three demonstration sites will position GlobalRise to build evidence-based Digital Food Systems for extremely poor communities around the world.

Vision:  GlobalRise will be at the center of providing sustainable nutrition programs for communities located in the poorest areas of the globe.

Mission: We strive to build locally-architected food systems that improve mother/baby nutrition, household income and digital equity for extremely poor families. Good nutrition is at the very foundation of good health; thus, nutrition equity is a critical foundation of health equity.

To achieve our mission, GlobalRise focuses on the following:

  • While malnutrition manifests in young children and their mothers, it involves many household and community factors. Because of this, effective nutrition programs must focus on community-wide “cradle to grave” programs. Nutrition interventions, that solve issues like stunting, must focus on the nutritional health of the pregnant mother and newborn while addressing related factors, like poor sanitation or using crops for family income instead of balanced meals. GlobalRise must involve the whole community, particularly young women and household farming practices.


  • Many of the poorest areas are remote, out of reach from government services, and employing the same agrarian practices for generations.While curating indigenous knowledge, GlobalRise uses a train-the-trainer’s community nutrition program to teach “farm-to-plate” nutrition protocols and optimized farming techniques. We also strive to improve supply chains – bridging the gap with government, healthcare and commercial services – as part of a holistic solution for the community and region.


  • GlobalRise aims to change standard practices related to sanitation, farming, cooking and meal plans in the communities we serve.To do this in a sustainable way, GlobalRise must be a trusted partner and work closely with institutions in each community, teaming with universities, farm coops, indigenous and other established NGOs, healthcare providers, businesspeople, government and religious institutions as part of our service plan.


  • Our programs often employ new healthcare, technology and economic models. To achieve our mission, GlobalRise partners with global business leaders and other stakeholders that provide technology, logistics, healthcare and financial solutions.