Now Is The Time To Pledge Your Heart

The window of time for helping stunted children passes rapidly…an astonishing 33% of all children under the age of five in Kasese, Uganda are stunted from acute malnutrition. Malnutrition in developing countries affects 63 million children annually – an acute and global “epidemic” per the World Bank. NOW IS THE TIME to apply nutrition interventions before desperation and disease overwhelm a whole generation of children!

Our goal is to reach over 10,000 malnourished kids and families in The Rwenzori Mountains… children and families that the world has entirely forgotten.

GlobalRise is fighting this battle with Christalis Home in Kasese, Uganda. Beginning with a “deep dive” into local foods, availability, food pricing and budgets, storage capacity, farming, cultural practices and more, we were able to isolate specific needs at the orphanage and in the community. We are now transferring the knowledge gained from our intensive orphanage implementations into community-wide best practices via our Train the Trainer programs, reaching out to the surrounding communities of malnourished kids living in extreme poverty.

We can win this battle!

Let’s get started NOW!

The Kasese Mayor’s Office and a local non-governmental organization called Biogardens supports our work with the community, mobilizing agents and providing technical assistance from the Department of Agriculture.

Finally, GloblalRise was asked to help create a new global conference at the Kasese Better Living Center focusing on successful nutrition interventions in developing countries.