Kick Stunting Out of Kasese!


“Did you know a child dies every 10 seconds due to hunger? That’s why over 60 countries have joined the fight to end malnutrition by 2030!


“I am joining the fight too…will you help me and my best friends?”


Tembo the Elephant
“Mixing food, technology and culture helps kids everywhere!”


Punda the Zebra
“Want awesome peanuts? Learn good soil practices!”

Tembo the Elephant

Faru the Rhino
“Financial planning helps families thrive!”

Give a Gift, Get a Gift!

We started our journey at an orphanage in the jungles of the Rwenzori Mountains where half of all kids are stunted! Now, working with the community to Kick Stunting Out of Kasese!, we’re building a regenerative and nourishing food system that raises over 1 million families from disease and poverty! And we won’t stop there!

Here’s how our program works:

      • You join: Adopt Twiga as your very own! We’ll send her right away! And…you’ll become a GlobalRise Nutri-Ambassador that is nurturing healthy kids for life!
      • One of your friends join: Adopt Tembo the Elephant, and, become a Friend of GlobalRise!
      • Two of your friends join: Adopt Punda the Zebra as our way of saying Thanks! You’re on track to our highest membership paradigm – Benefactor!
      • Three of your friends join: Adopt Faru the Rhino, and, become a Benefactor of GlobalRise!

All of our animals are made by women in Kasese. The cotton used to stuff our animals is picked in the fields mostly by women farmers. We support women’s empowerment across all of our programs.

Village Training is being developed to help extremely poor mountain families making less than $1.25/day with nutrition (Tembo’s cause), farming (Punda’s cause) and financial literacy (Faru’s cause); all of which are required to Kick Stunting Out of Kasese!…the first phase of Twiga’s global crusade to end malnutrition.

Notes: Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery. We send animals that are in stock and so at times they may be out of the order suggested above. Field trips to Uganda may be organized once annually and all expenses are the responsibility of benefactors.

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