GlobalRise | Uganda

Christalis Home – Kasese, Uganda

With 32 resident children and over 300 more served in the community of Kasese, Christalis Home is one of the town’s active family hubs. After buying land and putting residential buildings into operation, Christalis is laying a strong foundation for 40 residents, advanced farming and a vibrant nutrition program that will meet community needs.

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GlobalRise | Tanzania

Village of Hope – Bunera, Tanzania

Over 140 children are being raised from ages 3-18 at Village of Hope, a facility of REACH International. Nestled in between Lake Victoria and the Serengeti Plains, this 60 acre property has multiple buildings, a school, guest houses and a professional team that is eager to learn. Management is working with GlobalRise for specialized expertise in farming, nutrition and elder orphan vocational training.

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Learning Center

The GlobalRise Learning Center was conceived as a result of two factors: first, the realization that very few young people have ever seen a carrot or strawberry or anything grown in the garden.

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Now Is The Time To Pledge Your Heart

Kasese, Uganda

The window of time for helping stunted children passes rapidly… an astonishing 49% of all children in Kasese, Uganda are stunted. Malnutrition in developing countries affects 63 million children annually – an acute and global “epidemic” per the World Bank. NOW IS THE TIME to apply nutrition interventions before desperation and disease overwhelm a whole generation of children!