About Us

GlobalRise, a non-profit organization, was founded around a passion to help children live healthier lives. Through applied research and innovation, we are implementing nutrition interventions that powerfully impact the lives of children, families and communities.



By implementing a new system that involves professional examination of orphans, building improved food systems, sanitation training, updating employment practices of kitchen staff and more, we have permanently improved the quality of life for children.



The orphanage food system projects we build provide a deep understanding of broader community nutrition factors as we transition our focus from orphanage to community. Using applied research and innovations, we are building “geospatial nutrition profiles” that may improve the effectiveness and scale of community nutrition campaigns for extremely poor mountainous families.


Community Action

Creating a sustainable platform involves the help of community partners who have the same vision to improve the lives of children. We partner with orphanages, NGOs, universities and others to create a new ecosystem that involves sustainable nutrition programming, institutional development, women’s economic empowerment and support from local government.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

-Mark Twain