• Rwenzori International University
    Sixty universities operate in Uganda, yet none serve the Rwenzori Mountains where over one million Bakonzo live…until today.
  • Digital Health Week in the Mountain Jungles
    What does “digital health” have to do with “digital food systems”? What does it have to do with better nutrition?
  • Farm-to-Plate Protocol
    In 2016 an idea sprouted at a strategy meeting in India…orphanages struggle with professional nutrition examination of their children. This is because of…
  • Drones or Donkeys?
    In what could be one of the most significant failures to improve the life of mountainous small holder farmers in Kasese, the use of donkeys was recommended to help farmers move their crops down to formal markets. Why donkeys?
  • Twiga’s Crusade to “Kick Stunting Out of Kasese!”
    Prior to the pandemic, GlobalRise started a multi-year campaign to help the people of Kasese to eliminate stunting. Prior research indicates that this area has a 50% stunting rate – one out of every two kids. As a World Vision executive says, this is “an abomination”.
  • Training in the Mountain Jungles
    We are so happy to be back in the field for the first time since the pandemic! The town of Kasese is moving forward…