Farm to Plate Protocol

Farm to Plate is an evidence-based program that fosters healthier eating for children. After conducting various surveys, including clinical-nutrition assessments, we can determine the orphans’ nutritional needs and develop a menu cycle that delivers healthy meals. The foods we prescribe are provided to an expert in organic farming who is able to design and implement a farm on the orphanage property using the latest micro-farming techniques to improve yield and quality of crops.

As we develop the program, the community is invited to see our “demonstration farm” and cooking facilities so farmers can improve their quality and yield and so woman can learn how to cook nutritious meals for their families. Eventually we will be able to go one step further with the farmers to aid them in growing superfoods that can be sold into the food supply chain in Africa and create an economic lift for the community.

This is an amazingly efficient program that changes the life of children and entire communities for the better!

Long Term Value for Kids

Our Farm to Plate Protocol is implemented in four phases:

  • Observation and surveys assessing eating habits, area infrastructure, health and health service factors, status of clean water, etc.;
  • Clinical-nutritional assessment measuring the child’s standard daily intake of foods, minerals and water to assess any deficiencies and map improvement over time
  • Implementation analyzing the data against industry norms to determine optimum foods and food preparation requirements as well as coordinating with the farming component to raise crops that deliver strong nutritional impact; also includes hand washing and deworming campaigns
  • Ongoing evaluation that examines outcomes and encourages ongoing compliancy through financial incentives

By implementing and certifying Farm to Plate, GlobalRise is positively transforming the lives of orphans.