Christalis Home | Need: $36,000

At Christalis Home in Kasese, Uganda, GlobalRise will:

  • Build a Fence to protect the children and keep out animals that destroy the farm
  • Move the irrigation system to top of hill so it can supply the entire 2.5 acre property
  • Train orphanage staff to properly dispose of trash
  • Plant fruit trees and a vegetable farm
  • Build a wash basin for the children to wash hands before every meal
  • Redesign and build out the food storage room with appropriate shelving and a cold room
  • Replace and build the chimney over the kitchen oven and clean all soot that has gathered in kitchen and adjoining equipment rooms

Implement appropriate nutrition practices and education for staff and children including:

  • Improved food preparation through hygienic practices in the kitchen
  • Enhanced menus with meals based on locally grown produce that assures a diverse diet
  • Provide training to enhance use of financial resources in the food budget by implementing menu cycles based on seasonal crops
  • Implement appropriate intake of critical nutrients for children to grow properly, through a diet that includes different groups of foods
  • Implement preservation techniques for seasonal foods like fruits