Training in the Mountain Jungles

training in kasese mountain jungles

We are so happy to be back in the field for the first time since the pandemic! The town of Kasese is moving forward…new roads, buildings, a newly licensed university and much more! The resilience of the people is impressive!

But what do we find in the mountains? Its as if we never left…

They live in the same baked mud homes that are falling apart; kids don’t have shoes and wear clothes that don’t fit; water pumps may not work after walking miles to use them; and livestock is secured inside the home, which increases the chances to mix feces with food.

Families are indescribably poor…its tough to live on 82 cents a day!

If kids are to thrive, households must learn about nutrition using foods that grow here; AND, household finances must improve. Most households are women-lead and farm on 1.5 acres. But they need help moving crops across the many steep hills to the market in town.

Imagine walking 3-5 hours to get to the market…one can only carry so much!

This is a big reason they’re locked into poverty…and why GlobalRise is building a Digital Food System! This “system of systems” combines nutrition training with a drone crop transport system, linking mountainous poor to formal markets. Working with the community to “Kick Stunting Out of Kasese!”, the system will raise incomes using a cashless system – an “Uber in the sky” – that automatically credits funds to their mobile phones! What can this do?

Transform life for hundreds of thousands of kids in the Rwenzori Mountains!

Join us!

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